Hurricane Michael – relive the October 2018 Hurricane in video

This Hurricane had a lifespan of five days, 7th – 11th October 2018. Not including the development period.

Hurricane Michael was a Category 5 Hurricane that made a catastrophic landfall near Mexico Beach, Florida at 1:30pm on the 10th October 2018.

Michael produced devastating winds, storm surge near the coast and rain, wind inland. The Hurricane was directly responsible for the deaths of sixteen people.

It caused approxminetly twenty five billion dollars in damage in the United States. Before hitting the United States, Michael brought Hurricane-force winds to the western tip of Cuba.

At that time, the Hurricane was a Category 2 storm. A comprehensive overview of Hurricane Michael, which was produced by the National Hurricane Center, can be read here.

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We didn’t want to make this a particularly wordy article, however we wanted to give this Hurricane a brief introduction. Now you’ve read about it…

…In the videos below, relive the devastating, deadly storm formally known as Hurricane Michael.

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