The National Hurricane Center’s Cone of Uncertainty

National Hurricane Center (NHC) Hurricane Specialists John Cangialosi and Robbie Berg explain the video below how the cone of uncertainty is created, what its limitations are and what it can be used for.

What you should do and shouldn’t do with the forecast cone is also discussed in the video. The video was produced and directed by Anthony Reynes. Reynes works in the Miami/South Florida National Weather Service Forecast Office.


This year’s Hurricane season will be near normal, NOAA forecasts

The above feature photo was captured by NASA.

Four MAJOR Hurricanes could develop. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) revealed yesterday.

NOAA predicts nine to fifteen storms, which includes four to eight Hurricanes, which will form and develop in the Atlantic Ocean during this year’s season.

Two to four of those Hurricanes are expected to grow into major Hurricanes, which tend to be Category 3, 4 and 5.

Resource credit: NOAA

NOAA believes the storms will cause around fifty billion dollars in damage. Hurricane season officially begins 1st June.

On Wednesday, NOAA revealed a seventy per cent chance for an above-normal Pacific Hurricane season, citing above-average ocean temperatures and weaker-than-average vertical wind shear.

Five to eight Tropical Cyclones are predicted to develop in the Pacific Ocean, which includes Tropical Depressions, named storms and Hurricanes.

However, experts believe this forecast isn’t certain. The Houston Chronicle produced an excellent article on this particular subject, read here.